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Top Stroller Picks of 2022

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Strollers are helpful for navigating life with your new baby. They make getting out of the house with your little one easier, so although they’re often one of the most expensive items on a registry, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

What Types of Strollers are There?

There are several different types of strollers to choose from, including:

  • All-purpose strollers: Strollers that are great for everyday activities like walking around the neighborhood or strolling through a store.

  • Travel systems: A travel system is a stroller that comes with an infant car seat that attaches to it. Parents like travel systems because you can use them from day one and you don’t have to disturb your baby during the car-seat-to-stroller-and-back transfer. You can buy a travel system with a stroller and a car seat from the same brand, or mix and match different brands to make your own. (You’ll just need to make sure your stroller and car seat are compatible and purchase adapters; more on that here.)

  • Lightweight strollers: As the name implies, lightweight strollers weigh a lot less than traditional strollers. They’re sometimes referred to as travel strollers or compact strollers. They’re great for travel or for parents who need a stroller that’s easy to carry when broken down (think going up and down stairs, taking it in and out of car trunks, riding public transit, etc.).

  • Double strollers: Double strollers hold two children at once. If you have twins or little ones close in age, a double stroller can make your life a little easier. Double strollers come in two configurations: in-line (front to back) or side-by-side.

  • Convertible strollers: A convertible stroller converts from a single stroller to a double. Convertibles are a good choice if you’re planning on having two children relatively close in age. Like double strollers, convertibles come in either in-line or side-by-side configurations.

  • Jogging strollers: Runners take note: these strollers are built to handle rougher terrain and have souped-up suspension systems for a smoother ride.

  • Stroller frames: A skeleton of a stroller (think: handle, storage basket and wheels), these are made complete when you attach a compatible infant car seat.

Best Overall Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller

The Scoop
  • Unbeatable combo of price + performance

  • Quick, easy one-handed fold

  • Easy to push and steer

What The Experts Say

The City Mini GT2 is an overwhelming Babylist parent favorite—and it’s easy to see why. This popular stroller boasts an unbeatable combination of price and performance. It’s certainly not cheap, but it won’t cost you a month’s rent, either. It’s easy to push and steer, features all-terrain forever air rubber wheels and all-wheel suspension, a near-flat seat recline and a true one-handed fold. It’s also compatible with a huge range of infant car seats if you’re looking to build your own travel system. The GT2 is perfect for city and suburban dwellers alike and can be stored in compact spaces when folded.

What’s Worth Considering

The basket is on the smaller side and the seat only faces outward.

What Babylist Parents Say

“I love that I can close it one handed. I can attach the various accessories, and I like that the sunshade goes so low that it shades my baby completely.” -Lisa

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