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5 Benefits of Taking Baby for a Stroll

Why a 30 minute stroll is healthy for your and baby's mind and body.

While lockdowns and restrictions have made life rather complicated for so many people, getting outside can really help to raise your spirits and get your baby some fresh air. Whether you are going outside every day or doing big family walks several times a week, every bit of outdoor exposure will be great for you and your baby.

Here are five benefits to taking babe for a 30 minute stroll.

#5 Encourages Health Sleep Patterns

A 2004 study conducted by the Journal of Sleep Research concluded that babies under the age of 13 weeks who slept well at night spent twice as much time outside during the daytime compared to babies who had restless nights. Having more time outside allows babies to establish their circadian rhythm more effectively and more quickly, so this is a good reason to get outside during the day.

Regular walks in your neighborhood are a good starting place if you don't want to go too far from home initially. If you are more adventurous, you can strap your baby to you in a baby carrier and go for a hike in the forest or somewhere more off-the-beaten-track. Not only is this a great way to be active, but it also provides your baby with a good dose of comfort and nurturing to be close to your chest, where they can hear your heart beating. This familiar and soothing sound can promote relaxation and sleep in newborns.

#4 Boosts Immunity

Being outside allows babies to be exposed to various allergens and germs that can be helpful in establishing a good immune system. While it's very normal for babies to get a fair share of colds and cases of flu during their first few years of life, being outside will stimulate their immunity to kick in. The more developed your child's immune system is, the quicker and more effective they will be in fighting off viruses in the future. It's a great idea to get into this habit before your child starts to go to daycare or preschool, where they will naturally be in contact with more germs and bugs.

#3 Stimulates Cognitive Development

Going outside provides so many different sensory stimulating things for your baby to focus on. Different shapes, colors, scents, and sounds will allow your baby to develop their cognitive skills, like focusing, determining different colors, and becoming aware of all the different sounds they are hearing.

The sunlight is also an added benefit, as they will naturally soak in some healthy Vitamin D from the sun. If you are concerned that the sun too strong for your baby, you can use a stroller umbrella to shield them from the direct sunlight.

#2 Promotes Language and Auditory Development

When you go outside for a walk with your baby, they will be exposed to the different sounds of nature, traffic, people, and your voice. According to Nurtured Noggins, the sounds present outdoors are very different from what your baby is used to hearing at home, so they will naturally show more curiosity and interest in the soundtrack.

You can use this opportunity to speak to your baby and explain some of the sounds; when a car passes, you can ask, "Did you hear the sound of that car passing by?" While babies won't automatically understand words, repetition, and exposure to different explanations will promote their ability to develop their language and comprehensive skills.

#1 Promotes Language and Auditory Development

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of getting outside with your baby is that you will be providing a model for good health habits. Children who spend regular amounts of time outside will develop a curiosity for their surroundings and an appreciation of nature.

In the early stages of parenthood, exhaustion is usually a huge theme, and getting outside can help you to boost your own energy and enjoy the benefits of some sun. Not to mention, walking with your baby in a stroller gives you a bit of a break from the standard newborn-related tasks, like feeding, changing, and rocking.

When you walk with your baby, it's very likely that they will drift off and take a nap. You can enjoy this time sitting on a park bench and read a book, or just take a moment to relax.

Now go take that baby for a stroll, mama. We've got your back!

-xoxo, Shelby

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